Stories About Nevis

Here are some blogs we’ve written about Nevis to help share a little more information about this island that we love.

Caribbean Strong – Nevis

Nevis was very fortunate, we suffered minimal damage. The ancient saman tree in the town square was blown over, a few other trees have been lost and our beaches have been strangely rearranged but it is nothing that can’t be repaired with time and tide. With village names like Hardtimes and Burden Pasture, Nevis has known many challenges.We are not strangers to the storm.

The Hermitage Updates on Hurricane Irma Relief

As the Hermitage Great House has done for centuries, we survived Hurricane Irma with just minor debris and we remain open, continuing to welcome guests. Although Nevis endured strong winds and rain from Hurricane Irma, the most powerful Atlantic hurricane in recorded...

Combine a Caribbean vacation with cute puppy cuddles

Through a local rescue program it's easy and rewarding to give an island dog a chance at a new life Like many Caribbean islands Nevis has a large stray dog population. CARE Nevis, a local rescue organization, aims to reduce the amount of homeless dogs on the island by...

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