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Stories About Nevis

Here are some blogs we’ve written about Nevis to help share a little more information about this island that we love.

Field Trips

The children had a field trip last week and were taken from their schools down to the beaches to learn about conservation. They were released like a kindle of kittens to tease the water's edge, scattering across the sand while being reminded to keep their...

Flying Kites

It is a tradition to fly kites on Easter. They are multi-colored ornate, poly shapes, sometimes like diamonds, sometimes like dragons. Children make their first kites from ripped out pages of school books and the spines of coconut leaves threaded through...

Royal Visit

My family considers itself to be the custodians of the Hermitage, and when our guests come to visit we know we are the guides and not the attraction. This house has been here near 400 years, growing its own charm and letting history gather around it, like...

An Afternoon Escape

It was an adventure, every time, to walk through the bushes that began just beyond the backdoor of the kitchen. The path began just behind the galvanized tubs my mother washed our clothes in. I ducked beneath the laundry on the line and I was gone,...

Old Man

The Old Man I have heard the old folks refer to the mountain as the Old Man and say that when he takes his hat off the night will be cold. When there is no clouds, and no haze, the air becomes crisp and there is a slight chill as the wind comes down from a...


The sound of doors The sound of closing doors chimes the passage of time in an old house, it marks the weather of our day. When the library door slams shut it means the westerlies have risen, they are the winds that blew the sugar trade, and...

Animal’s wisdom

There are old Nevis tales about the antics of animals, how the goat and the monkey talk to each other; and so we create proverbs and sayings based on their antics as explanations for our own actions. We say things like “the monkey knows what tree to climb"...

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