A True Nevis Dining Experience

Enjoy local cuisine and unique Nevis dining experience in the historic setting that the Hermitage offers with its authentic island charm.

The 350-year-old great house is a superb example of classic island architecture, featuring beautifully preserved wooden structures and elegant furnishings.

Each corner of the Hermitage tells a story, adding to the rich tapestry of your dining experience. The great house itself is a living museum, with its vintage décor and period artifacts that offer a glimpse into the island’s storied past.

Using time-honored recipes and fresh, local ingredients, we have created a few specialties that celebrate Nevis dining and local cuisine.

The rustling of the leaves in the towering royal palm trees adds a rhythmic, almost musical backdrop to the scene, enhancing the feeling of peace and relaxation.

Food served in clay pots<br />

Island flavors, experience and life

Flowers at breakfast


The morning experience is one of doves and hummingbirds that come early to the sugar bowls hanging in the mango trees. 

Our local flavors include home-made yoghurt, pumpkin pancakes, coconut crispy French toast, fresh eggs, West Indian omelets, black beans, plantains, salt-fish and jonny cakes.

Jonny Cakes are a Nevis tradition.  ‘Jonny’ comes from the word ‘Journey’ and describes bread that was fried to be taken on a journey.  If your travel bring you to Nevis then you must try them.


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Served on the porch surrounded by mango trees, royal palm trees, and tranquil gardens, lunch is an experience that blends culture, nature, and serenity.  

Fresh, local ingredients highlight the menu, perhaps featuring a refreshing mango salad, grilled vegetables, and delicately seasoned fish or chicken.

A rotis is a true island experience; it’s a savory curry that can be served in a few different ways.  The Hermitage roti is slow roasted pork that is curried and stuffed inside a crisp wrap.  It is perfectly complemented with our home-made chutney and local hot sauce.  

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Hot sauces and curry
Pretty table laid for dinner


Dining at The Hermitage on Nevis Island offers a unique blend of Caribbean charm and refined elegance within the ambiance of a historical building. The restaurant features intimate candlelit tables and a cozy bar stocked with a curated selection of rums, spirits and wines. It is a warm experience that celebrates genuine Nevisian hospitality.

This is a vibrant reflection of local heritage and classical cuisine. It features bold flavors, aromatic spices, and a rich array of fresh ingredients sourced locally. 

Our menus change daily to offer variety and to make the best use of fresh ingredients, but we always offer a signature soup and a selection of appetizers and main courses to suit vegetarians, pescatarians and omnivores.  Special requests are always welcome.

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Flowers from the garden
Richie pouring rum at the bar

The Hermitage Rum Punch; another experience on Nevis not to be missed

The recipe for our signature rum punch is even older than the house, a testament to the enduring legacy of island hospitality, crafted with a secret blend of rum and fresh citrus that has been passed down through generations.

Our local juices are made from mango, guava, passion-fruit, tamarind and pretty much anything that grows on a tree.  Our local bush teas are made from lemongrass, ginger, basil and other fresh herbs from our garden. But our Rum Punch is certainly the most famous, we even served it to the now queen of England when she came here to discover Hermitage for herself.

The Hermitage family

The Hermitage staff come from nearby villages and offer genuine and authentic hospitality.  The people of Nevis are colorful and expressive whether in casual conversation or animated storytelling which creates an atmosphere of camaraderie and connection.

When we speak amongst each other it might not sound like English but we are easily understood, especially in our lilt and laughter.

Kressy with desserts
Chef Kressy
Staff serving buffet dinner
Kimone and Leshawn
Waitress with wine tray
Staff and guests dancing together

Roslyn and the wedding party!