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A Unique Nevis Island Hotel

Built around the oldest existing wooden house in the Caribbean, ca. 1670, The Hermitage is a unique, family-run, boutique hotel and restaurant offering a taste of island life flavored with the personalities of staff members from neighboring villages. Historic buildings, antique furniture and tropical gardens create a charming and relaxed atmosphere. If you are looking for an authentic West Indian experience then the Hermitage is where to stay in Nevis, apart from other Nevis island hotels and within the Caribbean.

“You may have a lot of work to do and a busy schedule. We don’t. Come and join us.”


Charming hotel rooms and Gingerbread cottages offer traditional, old world, comforts; large four poster canopy beds and antiques. Onsite amenities include a pool, sun terrace, tennis court, scenic walks, friendly staff and attentive service. Room rates include complimentary breakfast and afternoon tea.

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Herbs and spices are harvested fresh from the garden, farmers bring their produce directly to the kitchen, and the fish is delivered dripping wet, fresh from the sea. The kitchen creates dishes that become known on Nevis as Hermitage specialities.

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Our Island 

Explore Nevis. Stop for a chat with smiling Nevisians. Call in at rum shops, delight in the gardens and linger over long lunches looking out to sea. Rent a vehicle and head out on your own. Or, if you would like the benefit of a little local knowledge, our drivers are at your service.

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“If you haven’t been to the Hermitage, you haven’t been to Nevis”

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