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“Some of the best food on Nevis”

The talented staff at Hermitage come from the nearby villages, the herbs and spices are harvested fresh from the garden, farmers bring their produce directly to the kitchen, and the fish is delivered dripping wet, fresh from the sea. We have created dishes that are known on Nevis as Hermitage specialities.

Distinctly home-cooking, maximizing local ingredients and techniques, Hermitage is the only kitchen on the island that makes use of a traditional wood-burning oven. The smell of roasts, simmering sauces and sautés wafts out of the kitchen. So does the sound of laughter and local dialect.


Meals are served on the verandah of the 17th century Great-House, looking into the garden decorated with mango and palm trees. Hummingbirds and Banana Quits fly in and out. On special occasions the table is laid in the 18th century dining room.

In the evenings, guests gather in the sitting room for cocktails and conversation before dinner ensues.


8 to 10:30

The pancakes are pure pumpkin, the West Indian omelet is spicy and the coconut crispy french toast  with orange blossom syrup is sublime.

Bar Specials

Fresh juice, home-made gingerbeer, our own rum punch, made from mountain citrus, brown sugar and dark rum. Bottles of aged spirits line the shelf waiting for sipping.


12 to 2:30

We recommend the curried roast pork wrap with chutney and hot-sauce but the garlic shrimp and house salads are equally delightful.


The menu changes everyday, using what the farmers and fishermen bring to us. We serve delicate soups, light appetizers, savory main courses and home-made desserts.

Dining on Nevis

We take all day to prepare classic West Indian dishes as an homage to the recipes of mothers and grandmothers. These dishes are served in the traditional clay pots and vessels from Nevis clay made and fired at the Newcastle Pottery kiln. A whole roast pig is spit roasted for seven hours under the mango tree making a feature presentation.

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Meet up again with friends and family and share the feeling of being in your own country home.  We’ve had quite a few weddings here, small gatherings and big celebrations. We celebrate moments of life that need to be marked with special occasion, and sometimes we celebrate just for the fun of it. Dinner for a family of 50, or just an afternoon with a bottle of champagne.

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