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Rooms, Cottages and Villas

Our accommodations are all different. To help you find what’s right for you we’ve put them into three general categories; Hillside/ Balcony Rooms, Gingerbread Cottages and private Villas.

Standard Hotel Rooms

What we call our Hillside and Balcony rooms

Private Gingerbread Cottages

A bedroom with a detached sitting room; something a little larger.

A Private Villa

A house for families or parties.

The Great House and Grounds

It’s like staying in your own country house in the Caribbean.

Rooms and Views

Country gardens and pretty views.

Best Rates and Offers

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Hillside and Balcony rooms range from $180 to $400 per night

Gingerbread Cottages range from $280 to $500 per night

Private villas are available from $500 to $1000 per night

Best rates are always offered and are based on the time of year and length of stay

Want our lowest rate possible?  US $180 for a hammock, that also comes with a room, double bed and breakfast daily.

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