Hermitage Inn - Home

A Nevis hotel with history, elegance and charm


Our family bought the Hermitage in 1971, and it was already 350 years old before we turned it into one of the most characterful hotels on Nevis.  


Furnished with the memories of several lifetimes, restored antiques, knickknacks, prints and photographs; this Nevis hotel tells the story of years of Caribbean living.


We offer the chance to experience a unique Nevis hotel with authentic charm.  Meet the people of Nevis, taste island flavors and steep yourself in the timelessness of Nevis.


We celebrate a lifestyle built around vernacular Caribbean traditions combined with the desire for a tranquil retreat.


The Hermitage Plantation Inn is one of the few places left in the Caribbean that has maintained and reclaimed the traditional architectural history of a by-gone era. Imagine yourself drinking rum punch in a house where rum punch has been mixed for over 350 years.  Imagine drinking rum in a place where famous sailors like Horatio Nelson drank rum in 1787. 


When you come to Nevis hotels are a unique experience, we are defined by the history and grace of the original Greathouse, the giddy prettiness of the reception and the pastel charm of the 15 carefully restored and reconstructed cottages.


Each gingerbread cottage is like a chocolate box filled with quirk and color, furnished with antiques and old fashioned jalousie shutters that open to views on all sides – up the mountain or down to the sea.  Set among the rich gardens, fruit trees, palms and pool, they create a community of extraordinary loveliness and warmth, we are more than just a hotel; we are your home on Nevis.


The dramatic mountain backdrop changes character with the light and passing clouds.  And the sea, which you can see easily from your room, changes colour as the day drifts by.


This is a Nevis hotel that truly describes island life and tropical paradise set between the rainforest and the Caribbean Sea.