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This Weekend Sunday
August 8th

The Hermitage lends itself well to Sunday.  There is a very gentle ambiance of the old wooden house that is echoed in the tranquility of the garden. You will know it when you sit beneath the beautiful Royal Palms, or in the dappled shade of the mango trees, hear the ground doves coo and feel the cool country breeze.

It is the perfect place for a Sunday in the garden with wine.

Come and sample some wine with us and perhaps discover something that is new to you.  We have chosen a selection of white wine and rose from Italy, France, and Portugal and will offer a generous sample of each.  Bottles of white, rosé and red will be available at a discounted price.

Starting from 12noon a light lunch will be available, with shrimp, wings and pizza.

Local Beer $5EC

Hermitage Rum Punch $20EC

House Spirits $20EC

Wine $25 EC

For a light finger food lunch:
We have fried chicken wings; jerked, with garlic and ginger or barbeque.  $35

Coconut Crusted Shrimp $40

Our thin crusted pizzas with your choice of toppings

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