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Lazy Days of summer

The summer time is true to the heart of island living, with fewer tourists and expats, the buzz of visitors subsides. The days are longer and the nights are cool and refreshing. We spend more time in the evenings sitting outside, and I find myself looking for a long time at the stars.

This is when the Southern Cross comes up higher on the horizon and the constellation Scorpius dominates the sky and Orion cannot be seen. The summer gives us the advantage of seeing farther into the southern hemisphere and the stars seem so much more present and Venus is our evening star.

The socialites ask where all the people are, but, to me as an island boy, I can tell from the loudening birdsong that the island is in fact very busy. The monkeys are a little more active, glad now for the mangoes hanging from the trees. Children, off now from school, spend their time walking from village to village and through the forest chasing doves and catching wild berries.

And so the sky is full, the forest is alive, and to quote an old favorite, “….the living is easy”.

As we say here, “come so see”


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