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First and foremost of our Nevis Travel Tips, yes, we speak English here, though you might have difficulty understanding it. Ours is an English Patois developed from the African Caribbean exchange 400 years ago.

Driving on Nevis

We drive on the left side of the road and the maximum speed limit is 40 miles per hour. There are no stop lights and just a few street signs. We share the road with chickens, goats and donkey. There are a few monkey crossing signs.

On an island that is only 36 square miles round, it only takes one hour to drive all the way around. This is a great island to explore, most of the roads are in pretty good shape, a little bumpy in some places and in some place actually non-existent. As you drive around the island you can discover sugar ruins, rum shacks, hidden beaches, local bars and very special people.

It is easy to rent a vehicle, with just a phone call it can be brought directly to the Hermitage. Rental prices begin around US $45, all you need is a valid driver’s licenses and US $25 for each driver.


The official currency of St Kitts and Nevis is the Eastern Caribbean dollar with a fixed exchange rate to the US dollar, US $1 = EC $2.68. However, US dollars are accepted everywhere, and most hotels and restaurants quote their rates in US


The island is generally 220 but at the Hermitage we use 110 volts, with standard American plugs.

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