Of course you cannot come to the Caribbean without visiting our beaches, just a few short miles down the mountain side. The sparkling sea that surrounds this island sooner or later beckons everyone.

Nevis is dotted with beaches. The best known and longest is Pinneys. Pinneys is on the leeward side of the island facing St. Kitts. It is home to numerous beach restaurants and bars, the Four Seasons Hotel, the local fisherman and Krishie restaurant and housing development. Along its five-mile stretch there are places to rent watercraft, to walk or read undisturbed by others. You can find refreshment and entertainment at the colorful local beach bars, while pelicans dive for their supper and sail boats come and go.

If you are feeling a little more adventurous you can rent a jeep and set out with a picnic basket to explore the rest of the coastline. On the windward side, down a long and bumpy road and past the race track you’ll find Indian Castle Beach. This is the place for body surfing. A crowd on this long beach would be about ten people. No restaurants. No bars. Just peace.

This dramatic and windswept Atlantic beach, known as Indian Castle, was the last home of the Carib and Arawak Indians. Their pottery and shards still remain buried in the sand.

We also recommend our favorite swimming hole, in the turquoise waters of Herbert’s beach, on the North shore of the island. Lover’s beach is great for obvious reason, and watching the sunset at Paradise beach is, well, paradise. The first two are completely undeveloped and pristine.

Oualie Beach is the location of the Nevis Yacht Club, the local marina, the dive shop, the cycling shop and a place where you can rent kayaks and other water sports equipment. The bar there is a popular spot with boater and divers.

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