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In my Nevis perspective, there are some days you just can’t win. Nevisians say if you can’t ride a horse, ride a cow. That’s how we work with what we’ve got. Today, there was an island-wide power outage, again, so with no electricity and no internet it is enough of a reason to call the day off, gather everyone into the Landrover, and head to the beach. 

The best way to survive as a hotelier on a remote island with difficult logistics is with patience and a sense of humor. Sometimes the phones stop working, the flights are delayed and the delivery boats with all the important supplies, like the generator parts, five cases of wine and box of crystal glasses, are stuck beyond the horizon, but, ultimately it doesn’t seem to matter when the sea sparkles and the waves keep lapping at the shore.

We are a little island with the same problems as the big world, plans and logistics, politicians and media, all wanting to dominate the day. But fortunately, we are saved from all this by the things that distract us. Sometimes it takes a power outage, sometimes it just takes a cool breeze. I have always found it so easy to forget what I’m meant to be doing and lose myself looking at the sparkling sea between me and the horizon.

I guess that is why we love this place. It is so beautiful, nothing else matters.

Come share my perspective.


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