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The island of Nevis is 36 square miles, mostly undeveloped, where you can explore empty beaches, rainforests and ruins.

Nothing so sweet as Nevis String Band. You know you’re in Nevis when you hear that haunting bamboo fife.

Guest Shenanigans

DIY Guest Adventures Below is a recent email exchange when an vintage motorbike is discovered under the floorboards of Riviere House in Charlestown. Pictured above: Thomas and Colin, motorbike resurrectionists. Day 1 Thomas writes: Well, I think we have...

Village People: JamDem

He would tap out a rhythm with a piece of steel against an old soda bottle and his tunes would carry down the sidewalks, following you into shops or office buildings. 

Covered in vines

There are little wooden houses on the island of Nevis and many are covered in vines. They were built 100 hundred years ago, in a tradition that was handed from master carpenter to apprentice, one generation to the next. Their beams are pegged together with...

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