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We can go to the top of the mountain and to the bottom of the sea; and, we can list all the options in between.

It only takes one hour to drive around Nevis, if you don’t stop and the goats don’t get in the way. However, if you really want to explore, you can spend weeks.


What will make your stay perfect?

You have a lot of options; tell us what you are looking when you are on Nevis.

Touring the island means stopping for a chat with locals. calling in at rum shops, looking at gardens and having long lingering lunches looking out to sea. You can rent a vehicle and head out on your own. Or, if you would like the benefit of a little local knowledge our taxi drivers will be happy to share the island with you.

Make your plans and let us make them happen.


Nevis is largely covered by rain-forest with some grasslands on the windward side. There are various walks through dense rain-forest and guides who know about the flora and fauna can be booked.  We can arrange for challenging hikes or casual strolls.

  • To the Top of Nevis Peak, climb our 3200 foot mountain, exhausting and rewarding
  • Find the water falls, see some very impressive fauna, giant ferns and bamboo
  • Explore old ruins
  • Ramble along the beach

Heading to Sea

Let’s face it, we are on an island and we need our vitamin sea.  The Caribbean Sea, on the west coast of the island is always serenely calm.  The nearest beach is just 10 minutes away, and our location up on the side of the mountain gives us welcome relief from the sun and the sand at the end of the day.

Here’s a few suggestions:


  • Private sailing charters
  • Snorkeling and SCUBA excursions
  • Deep sea fishing
  • Water taxis
  • Beachcombing

Architectural and Historical Tours

The buildings of Nevis date back to the 17th century. Charlestown is a an unspoiled stone and wood town with architectural treasures and that have been restored and some still waiting for restoration. Dotted around the island are small and exquisite stone churches and the remain of forts and plantations. Places associated with both Horatio Nelson and Alexander Hamilton are still here as an old Jewish cemetery.

Market Day and Charlestown

Tuesday is the busiest day, when the boat comes in from down island and the farmers come down from the mountain to trade their roots and fruits.  It is a colourful day and the local market is flooded with the earthy smells of fresh ground provisions like dasheen and sweet potatoes and fragrant with the sharp scent of fresh ginger and turmeric and other local spices.  Pine-apples, oranges, bananas and plantains pile high before the market ladies who will try to get you to sample the fresh fruit.

A Few Other Favorites

  • Golf
  • Gyms and Spa
  • Cycling
  • Horseback Riding
  • Car Rentals
  • Private Plane Charters
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