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Stories About Nevis

Here are some blogs I’ve written about Nevis to help share a little more information about this island that we love.

Animal’s wisdom

Animal’s wisdom

There are old Nevis tales about the antics of animals, how the goat and the monkey talk to each other; and so we create proverbs and sayings based on their antics as explanations for our own actions. We say things like “the monkey knows what tree to climb"...

Nothing so sweet as Nevis String Band. You know you’re in Nevis when you hear that haunting bamboo fife.

Guest Shenanigans

Guest Shenanigans

DIY Guest Adventures Below is a recent email exchange when an vintage motorbike is discovered under the floorboards of Riviere House in Charlestown. Pictured above: Thomas and Colin, motorbike resurrectionists. Day 1 Thomas writes: Well, I think we have...

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