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It Can Only Be Experienced

Some days are clear Caribbean skies and placid, turquoise, clear seas that reflect the frigate birds and passing clouds; some days are faded yellow from the Sahara dust that drifts across the Atlantic, some days are rain, hard bullet-like tropical rain that makes the pitch roads steam and sometimes soft and gentle rain that makes flowers open up. We live, in the sun and the sea, in yesterday and today.

This is history, where we live, with sunbaked cracked dusty roads, where brown beer bottles are both strewn and carefully places, where empty spirit bottles hang by string, twine and vine from the branches of the trees in the public square. Monuments are worn thin in the time since the last planter and the last slave.

We live among the ruined walls of sugar plantation and the fields where slaves broke their backs, among the battlements of fortress that watched over all while distant empires rose and fell. The sea and the sun have outweighed the passage of man and a new nation has risen with 400 years of history.

This young new nation, rising from the faded foot-print of colonialism, has now become playful, decorating its past with empty bottles, sea shells and flowers. It has become vibrant, with brightly painted houses and colorful cars and busses, reggae music and the refrains of children’s songs. In the time since the monuments to independence were erected and when Nevis was reborn as its own nation, whimsy has grown to fill in the cracks of what was a hardened life.

Now, wherever one encounters a Nevisian, in the town squares, the village roads and the island paths, one finds an open face and an honesty that has resulted in the sagacity of history and the innocence of youth.

Truth cannot be interpreted, it can only be experienced. ~ Sadhguru

Come experience our truth.


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