On destination weddings in Nevis: what’s very special about getting married here is that whether it’s with just the special couple, a few friends, or the whole family, a Nevis destination wedding provides the setting and opportunity for life lasting memories in a low key environment that allows the the focus to be where it should, on the two people at the center of it. The guests who have allowed us to create this event for them have chosen to prioritize each other, their union and their loved ones – not on extraordinary trappings.

The other wonderful advantage of a destination wedding is the opportunity to have a series of celebratory events that make the memories made even more extraordinary: it’s not all over in a day!

My husband and I got married in Nevis in 2002. We had friends and family arrive from all over. The week’s festivities leading up to the wedding were just so much fun: long breakfasts and conversations on the terrace, beach picnics, lunches out, rum punch tours to our neighboring plantations a day sail on Caona, hikes and tennis. The evenings were tremendous, we would gather at Hermitage, enjoy conversations then dinner in the Great House, and afterwards, when the sensible went to bed, the intrepid carried on, solving the problems of the world at the bar, or shaking their booty somewhere.

We had our rehearsal dinner at Bananas. Aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, siblings, dear friends all together. Both grandmothers were there dancing to Lee and the Casanova band’s smooth sounds. We danced and danced and danced and Gillian was the perfect hostess.

Our wedding, Saturday, was exactly as it should be. Quirky, chaotic and just divine. Hermitage prepared the most wonderful meal, designed by my Mom, including lobster with a champagne sauce. I honestly don’t remember any of the rest of it – but I remember that. More friends, more dancing, surrounded by so much love – it was the most extraordinary experience. The focus was on ourselves, on family, on friends. Not the things that can be quite distracting … just what was important. One highlight that just stays with us is the day after party at Sunshine’s and my grandmother enjoying her killer bees. Best time.

It was a delight to celebrate my brother and sister in law’s wedding a few years after ours.

If you’re thinking of a Nevis wedding, for the first time, or perhaps a vow renewal, or whether you just want to honeymoon with us, if you have any questions, we’re happy to help in any way.

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