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The Ocean’s View

The Ocean’s View

An Ocean's Point of View Where the water meets the shore is the edge of the world, either in the rough collision of waves against rocks that tells the story of resistance and erosion or in the soft lapping and gentle wash that dresses the sand, with a fringe of foam...
Experience of the Caribbean

Experience of the Caribbean

It Can Only Be Experienced Some days are clear Caribbean skies and placid, turquoise, clear seas that reflect the frigate birds and passing clouds; some days are faded yellow from the Sahara dust that drifts across the Atlantic, some days are rain, hard bullet-like...
Nevis Beaches

Nevis Beaches

Of course you cannot come to the Caribbean without visiting our beaches, just a few short miles down the mountain side. The sparkling sea that surrounds this island sooner or later beckons everyone. Nevis is dotted with beaches. The best known and longest is Pinneys....

Jet Blue Adds Flights

There has been a shifting in air service providers to the Caribbean. While American Airlines is reducing their services to certain routes   Boston – Caribbean Travelers in Boston looking for a winter warm up this season will benefit from a new Caribbean Mint route...

Destination: Nevis for Romance & Weddings

On destination weddings in Nevis: what’s very special about getting married here is that whether it’s with just the special couple, a few friends, or the whole family, a Nevis destination wedding provides the setting and opportunity for life lasting...

The Birds at Hermitage

Birder lovers are always delighted with hummingbirds, quits, doves, kestrels, hawks, herons, and the large, beautiful, north American Egret.

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