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Getting around on Nevis

It takes an hour to drive around the island, if you don’t stop to explore. But exploring our little island is surely one of the reasons you might be coming here. Local taxis are available to take you to the beaches, restaurants, historic buildings, old churches and...

Exploring Nevis

As Nevis rises 3,232 feet out of the water its landscape goes from beach scenes to coast planes, through brush and scrub land to green hillsides and ultimately to the rainforest covered mountain that reaches into the clouds. You can explore the old ruined roads and...

Beaches of Nevis

Lover’s Beach, Paradise Beach, Indian Castle and Gallows Bay; these are just some of the more evocatively named beaches on Nevis. They are uncrowded, sometimes deserted, where you can lose yourself in contemplation of the horizon, bathing in the sea and the sun. You...
Markets of Nevis

Markets of Nevis

Matriarchs of the Market On certain days of the week, the market in Charlestown becomes the center of the island, with an intoxicating aroma of a bountiful earth, when the stalls fill up with freshly dug vegetables, ripe fruit, local herbs and spices. It is run almost...
Experience of the Caribbean

Experience of the Caribbean

It Can Only Be Experienced Some days are clear Caribbean skies and placid, turquoise, clear seas that reflect the frigate birds and passing clouds; some days are faded yellow from the Sahara dust that drifts across the Atlantic, some days are rain, hard bullet-like...
Alexander Hamilton History

Alexander Hamilton History

The Hermitage Celebrates American Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton with a special Alexander Hamilton History Package America’s founding father and first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, was born right here in Nevis. As the oldest wooden house in...

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