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Secondary school

Secondary school

Secondary School When I started secondary school in Nevis the advice I was given from my older sisters was to get there early on the first day to find a chair and a desk, or I’d spend the year without one, or the other, or neither. But I think there were enough to go...

Getting around on Nevis

It takes an hour to drive around the island, if you don’t stop to explore. But exploring our little island is surely one of the reasons you might be coming here. Local taxis are available to take you to the beaches, restaurants, historic buildings, old churches and...
Roads of Nevis

Roads of Nevis

The Roads of Nevis They say that tourism is the largest industry on Nevis, we have two government departments dedicated to it. We call it a sector, and the politicians treat it as that. But, is it truly based on the spirit of welcoming and warmth, of taking in and...
Summer days

Summer days

Lazy Days of summer The summer time is true to the heart of island living, with fewer tourists and expats, the buzz of visitors subsides. The days are longer and the nights are cool and refreshing. We spend more time in the evenings sitting outside, and I find myself...

Please join us in celebrating the life of David Freeman, the iconic fife player of The Honeybees string band, who passed away this morning at the age of 90. Mr Freeman’s playing brought great joy to us all over the decades. He was a gardener by trade and a fife player...

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