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Online bidding has begun on Art for the Islands, an art auction to raise funds for the islands of Barbuda and Dominica – our very close neighbors – who were severely impacted by the late summer hurricanes in the Caribbean. We are enthusiastically supporting this effort which shows hundreds of wonderful pieces of art by Caribbean artists and about Caribbean themes, but this wonderful piece is extra special to us. Titled, “Mounty P Survives a Raging Tempest”, it is by our own local artist and longtime friend, Kate Spencer, one of the Caribbean’s most prolific and best known artists. Born in Yorkshire, England Kate has made her home between St. Kitts and Nevis since 1978, working in her studio and gallery at the Northern end of St Kitts on the grounds of an old sugar estate.


Asked about the piece, Kate shares it is from a very personal experience in a Caribbean storm of her own experience: “I was in St. Kitts at the time and was convinced I would lose my fragile  wooden and tin roof house. She is an old plantation house and has weathered many a storm but this felt so ominous and after loosing Philip I was sure disaster lay ahead. I stayed in town in a solid concrete house but I could not sleep as all night I could see her battling the storm and felt so guilty for abandoning her. The following day we drove out in a truck and up the old cane track and I climbed over a thousand fallen branches and trees towards the house….and there she was still standing. I called out ‘Mounty P, Mounty P, my Beauty’ with such relief and gratitude. On the lawn to the back of the house there were about 6 fallen ‘bird houses’ and broken eggs and so I have put them in the painting to symbolize all the poor people who lost their nests and belongings. My heart goes out to them.”

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